The hoch.rein GmbH is an internationally active enterprise in the “technology development and transfer” sector as well as “trading of special and innovative products”. The sphere of activity encompasses the provision of strategic partners with technical know-how as well as the financial support and involvement in innovative enterprises.


An important aspect of our philosophy is the realisation of visions. Our partners develop new, creative ideas, which together with hoch.rein shall be guided to an innovative technical solution. The implementation of “Vision-to-Innovation” is the activity of our innovation management and part of our corporate strategy.


Bringing an innovative concept to mass market can be easier than it looks. One important step from product prototyping to commercialization is to find an optimized way, how the final product can be produced in mass and how it will be marketed. In close cooperation our professionals in Manufacturing, Marketing & Trading and logistics can speed up your project to reach the first product release as quick as possible - always with product quality in mind.


The successful market introduction and sales of innovative products presupposes a vast number of developmental steps which fall back on various resources. With its partnerships hoch.rein provides these individual elements of the value-added chain and sales channels with lasting strength and flexibility.

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